Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I know I promised new pictures, but to those of you who know me best, you were not surprised to find them missing from my site still. Sorry. Here is a quick update instead. My parents came to town over the weekend and we were supposed to go and do some fun things (bowling, museum, etc). Instead, Maggie got sick. She was sick last week with this awful cough and upper respiratory illness and then yesterday morning she just started refusing to walk or even stand. She won't even straighten her legs if you go to put her down. At first I thought she was just pretending to be a baby but after about an hour of "pretending" and even at the restraunt, I decided to call the doctor. Turns out she has some thing called toxic synovitis. Who has ever heard of that? The doctor just said it to me like it was a perfectly normal thing for kids to get but I had never heard of it. Apparently it usually follows an infection and something causes inflammation in the joints just like arthritis. It is supposed to go away in 3-5 days so the countdown has begun for me. The good thing about her not being able to walk right now is that she stays in her bed when I put her there!! Just kidding, I feel sorry for her but she isn't acting like she is in pain at all, just not walking or standing. Has anyone else experienced that?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Sorry it has been such a long time since I updated the blog. Maggie has taken a true liking to the computer since she discovered that she can watch "movies" on it. She likes to watch the music portions of the Disney movies that are uploaded to youtube.com. Additionally, she has learned how to push the sleep button to get me off the computer when she wants my attention. I haven't figured out how to discipline her appropriately for this just yet, but I figure I should probably be supervising/playing with her instead of doing my own thing on here. So she is sleeping right now and I am taking my time to do this. Since I last wrote, Caleb began crawling (combat style). He has been doing it for at least 3 weeks or so and has gotten so fast at it. He uses his arms to pull forward and tries getting up on his knees but can't seem to get his body parts all working together at the same time- it hasn't stopped him or discouraged him though. Maggie gets a little frustrated now because his target for movement is always her toys. She is mostly gracious in sharing but she gets very grossed out if he drools or spits up near her or on her things. I can't really blame her for this, but it is funny. She is totally potty trained we have maybe 2-3 accidents a week and she has been refusing pull-ups for bedtime now. The downside to this is that she has come to my room at 2am needing to go potty! I am NOT complaining though because I am so excited to not be changing her diaper or buying diapers. It is just another reminder for me of how fast she is growing. Mike is still doing pitching lessons and just agreed to coach a 14 year old travel team for a few months while the dome is still being built. Construction on the facility came to a halt with all this crazy weather that we have been having around here and it looks like it won't be open until April or May. We are gonna stick it out and see what happens. I am just amazed at how God has provided for us since we moved here. We came thinking the facility would be open in October and we were counting on that but opportunities have been abundant regardless and Mike is really making a name for himself among the kids and the parents that he works with. I just did my 2nd Pampered Chef show, since we moved here, last weekend. The hostess was one of the baseball moms and most of the guests were parents who knew Mike too. To listen to the things that they had to say about him reaffirmed for me why we are here. He is making such an impact on these boys' lives and not just in the interest of baseball. Every single parent told me how grateful they are that Mike takes such an interest in them as young men and how dedicated he is to seeing them succeed in life not just in a game. That is the reason he wanted this job and the reason he stopped playing baseball in the first place- to teach and mentor young men. Life was feeling a little uncertain for us with the construction being delayed but after Friday night I feel 100% certain we are in the right place- for now. I will try to get some new pictures posted as I know that many of you check frequently for them. I will make a slideshow this evening while Mike is at his lessons.

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