Monday, August 20, 2007

We've made the move

We arrived in Romeoville, Il just over a week ago. The drive from Lansing took me and the kids a mere 6 hours as opposed to the 4 that it should have. We are now living in a 2bdr/2ba apartment that is only 1100 sq ft. It was quite the challenge fitting our 1800 sq ft furnishings in here but we managed. Maggie is adjusting well to apartment life and to her new little brother. She didn't even mind too much today when I put his bed together and told her they would be sharing a room. She has spent a lot of time playing on our front patio with her sidewalk chalk and play doh. We were hoping to get her some other outside toys but there is just absolutley no room for it. Instead we walk to the playground that is about 3 minutes from here for her to play. We haven't met any other children her age yet and she still talks about Max and Grace and Kaya and Kayden and Amy. She doesn't seem sad about it but I don't think she understands the move totally. Caleb is 6 weeks old now and is smiling often. The first night we were here he rolled over from his stomach to his back! Mike and I were both amazed at what we had just seen but it must have been an accident because he hasn't done it since. Right now he is asleep in his crib for the first time- and last night he actually slept for 4 hours! Mike is staying busy with pitching lessons and is excited to start work on September 1st.

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