Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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Other fun times on our summer vacation Part 1

We were also able to visit with Mike's dad and step mom while we were away. We had such a fun time just relaxing and catching up. It is great for the kids to be able to have family everywhere that loves them! They have so many people in their lives I don't know how they will be able to keep it all straight. Maggie doesn't have a problem keeping them all straight and she knows just how to wrap everyone around her little finger with her sweetness! I love it that she has fun memories with all of her grandparents and great aunts and uncles. Her memory is awesome and I couldn't ask for a better family!!

We're finally home. . . sort of

As you all know, Mike got a new job as a pitching coach with the Pirates in Lynchburg, VA. What you may not all be up to date on is that we, the kids and I, have not moved there with him. We decided that since everything is up in the air in terms of where he will be working next season that it is better for us to stay here until he returns in September (hopefully the 1st but no later than 14th). Since we aren't moving there we went to visit him from June 21 until July 13th. It was a nice long visit but now it is terribly hard on us being here without him. We are trying to stick with our choice knowing that it is the smartest thing to do, but definitely not the easiest. The kids and I are contemplating another visit to see him either the 4th-10th of August or the 14th-19th. I say contemplating because we had an awful trip home from VA last time. The kids came down with some kind of stomach bug on the morning we left VA and I will just leave the details to your imagination and tell you that it was bad enough I had to stop and get a hotel for the night. I am trying to recover mentally from that stress before I embark on such a trip again. Maggie is ready to go again and tells me each day- "let's go to Daddy's baseball game and see the hillcats." She didn't seem to mind the long trip. Caleb still struggles when I attempt to put him in the car seat now. I think he is having flashbacks of being stuck there all day long! Either way, it looks like Mike's team might make the play offs and puch back his return home until later in September so I think the trip is inevitable. Virginia is beautiful and I enjoyed myself while we were there it is just the idea of that drive that is holding me back. While we were there we celebrated Caleb's first birthday with cupcakes and breakfast at the Cracker Barrell (Maggie calls it a museum). Here is a picture of how messy Caleb got with his cupcakes.

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