Thursday, December 18, 2008

Imaginary friends

We have now entered the world of imaginary friends. Maggie and I were making Christmas cookies yesterday. As we were preparing to start I had her wash her hands and when she was done she said "okay now Eric wash your hands." At first I thought she was referring to Mike because he has always been Prince Eric. I told her that daddy and Caleb were playing and we were making cookies. She said "no, Mommy, not Daddy- Eric needs to wash his hands." I ignored this and went on pulling up the step stool for her and getting her a spoon for mixing. She says, "Eric needs a stool too." I ignored her but she kept insisting so I said again that Daddy wasn't making cookies with us. "No," she says, "Eric is right here (pointing beside her) Mommy and he needs a spoon. " Then the rest of the day she kept on with her "friend". This morning when I arrived home from work Mike informed me that she and Eric were at the beach (her room). So I guess we now have three children in our home. I find it funny that she chose to have a boy as her imaginary friend but I suppose, considering her obsession with Ariel (the Little Mermaid), it makes sense.

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