Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Caleb amazes me more everyday!

During a recent visit to the pediatrician, the doctor asked Mike how old Caleb was. After looking in the chart to confirm that he is only 2 1/2 the doctor said, "He talks like he is 4 or 5!" This comes as no surprise to us since we already have one other very verbal child as well. Caleb has surprised me since the first day he started talking. He was about 11 months old when I was getting him out of the van and he said, "moon" as clear as day and pointed in the sky. It was nighttime and the moon was out, but I was shocked that he would know what it was because I had never made a point to show him and we were rarely ever out with the moon. So tonight, I was eavesdropping on Mike putting him to bed and overheard Caleb saying, "When I get married, I'm gonna get a race car bed." REALLY??!? I had to go in the room. I couldn't help it how could you not try gain more insight from him on the subject. I wasn't sure if he knew what 'married' meant so I asked him- who is mommy married to and he said, "daddy". Then I asked him who he was going to marry and he said that when he grows up he is going to marry Maggie!! I didn't go to the hassle of explaining he can't do that and why but I did think it was cute. That also reminds me of some other funny and potentially embarrassing and innocently inappropriate things he has done recently. Ever since he became potty trained he has referred to his underwear as "panties" and this really bothers Mike. So we have been trying to remind him that boys wear underwear and girls wear panties- and that he is not a girl. Our nine year old neighbor was over about a week ago when he goes up to her and asks, "Do you wear panties?" OH MY! I wasn't here for it but both Mike and Haley told me about it and luckily Haley has 2 younger brothers and luckily he asked her and not the Sunday school teacher or the woman at the grocery store! Yesterday night we had to have an anatomical discussion with the kids. I'm not sure if it is appropriate to blog about this or not- it was innocent and cute and I am sure happens in every home with a young girl and boy but I will try to be vague so as not to embarrass or offend anyone. They often show each other their belly buttons saying, "Do you want to see my belly button?" Last night Caleb asked if Maggie wanted to see something but it wasn't his belly button! Luckily we (Mike and I) were in the room and able to stop the show and tell session but then he asked if Maggie had one and so the first anatomical birds and bees discussion took place.

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