Friday, October 10, 2008

Only 8 more days!

As many of you know, Mike left on September 16th to go down to Florida for Instructional League, in the meantime the kids and I have been trying to stay busy. I was able to sign Maggie up for a Children's Day Out program at a local church on Thursdays and Fridays from 9am to 1pm. She started last week on Friday and she loves it. She was allowed to go in with the older 3 year olds which made me happy because she seems to enjoy being with older kids more. The teachers say that she is doing wonderfully and that they haven't had any problems with her. She leaves me without issue and doesn't seem to want to leave when the morning is over. I am happy that she is able to be a little more independent because I think it is what she has been wanting for a while. Caleb stays with me while Maggie goes to her class. They do have a class for him but he could only go one day a week and he seems to still need a nap before 1pm so for now he and I are getting alone time which rarely happens for him. He is really starting to blossom now. He loves balls and bats- go figure. Everything that looks like a ball gets chucked across the room as he laughs and runs after it. He has also discovered one of his daddy's hats that he loves to wear. He has started to sit more for story time and really engages with the books by pointing and repeating words. The kid "talks" like crazy- I guess he is trying to keep up with Maggie. In addition to the kid news- our family news is that Mike has his team assignment now. He will be coaching the rookie team in State College, PA from June until Sept and will stay in extended Spring Training in FL from Mar until June. Although it was not at all what I was hoping for and it will be quite a difficult and unsettled year for us, I have begun to find some positives in this news. It looks like our move the end of Feb will be down to sunny FL for a few months and then up to PA and back again. We have decided that this is the only way to do it and since the kids are young, now is the time to see the country! In the meantime we are still here in IL so anyone who has been wondering knows where to find us.

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