Thursday, April 16, 2009

Caleb is growing up

We have had a few major "big boy" milestones this week with Caleb. The first was that on Monday night he kept saying "I don't like it" when we put him in his crib. We ignored him because we weren't really sure what he was talking about. Then at about 11pm he woke up screaming and when I went in he pointed to the big bed in his room and said "I sleep", "no like crib". Of course his language wasn't quite as clear as my typing but it was evident that he wanted to sleep in the full size bed in his room. After a few minutes of his screaming and not being consoled by anything I tried, I laid him in the bed and he rolled over and went straight to sleep! I was appalled and saddened. He is growing up too fast for me. Before Mike and I went to bed we put him back in the crib to sleep for the rest of the night and we haven't had that problem again. Thankfully he is not trying to get out of his crib yet. Maggie was in her toddler bed before she was two because she would climb in and out of her crib and the pack and play. I am just not ready for that yet with him. The second milestone is that he pooped on the potty tonight!! This is actually the second time he has done this but tonight he actually told me that he was going to do it versus the last time I could just see that he needed to by his facial expression. I am sure this will be a long process but it is a step in the right direction. He hates to have a wet diaper and always asks to have it changed at the first feeling of wetness but I am not sure how to teach a boy to do that business in the toilet without spraying it everywhere. The insert that we have for the little toilet pinches his thighs and he won't sit with it on there. So any tips in that area would help!

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