Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We're homeowners!!

It's official, we are homeowners! I am not as excited as I will be next week when I unlock the door to our home and start putting away all of our things, but I am still pretty pumped about knowing that we will now have a permanent address. The time here at my parent's this summer actually flew by for the most part. I was quite hesitant about staying for so long with my kids but the experience has been very good and I am actually a little sad to leave. The next door neighbors here have been awesome. They have a little girl, Gabby, who is 6 months younger than Maggie and I don't think a day has gone by since we've been here that they didn't play together. Maggie informed my mom that she wanted to stay here until her birthday so she "could have her birthday party with her very best friend Gabby and her cousin, Catherine." Ouch! I of course get teary eyed thinking of another departure. I tried so hard to make this just seem like vacation to the kids, but they consider it home and that makes it harder to leave. Maggie isn't the only one who loves the neighbors, Caleb has taken to the 6 year old, Colter. He loves to play baseball with him and throw the football. Colter is so good to play with him- he even joined us for a "party" last week where he was the biggest by 3 years. Caleb has started to telling me, "No, mom, I Colter!" He apparently has Maggie's imagination too! I also have come to enjoy my daily chats with their mother and even had the chance to spend an evening hanging out as adult with her. I can only pray and hope that I have neighbors this good when we move into our new house! I am reminded every time we move of how awesome God is. No matter where we land he always has the perfect people to place in our lives. The list just for this summer is amazing: Joan and Bill, The Sublett family, The Moore's and of course my parent's and their neighbors. We are never alone that is for sure! Our needs have always been met by Him and I trust that they will continue to be. It is my hope that through all of this craziness that our life has been, our children will know undoubtedly that God is their one and only provider!

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